Who spread rumours and fakes

There are many fake news, fake quotes, fabricated stories and fake images being shared on different media. We must not believe in anything without authenticity. Here are a few reasons behind the propaganda :

  • to terrorize people and to spread fear
  • to spread hate and racialism towards particular religion or group
  • to show sympathy with others
  • to bully others and to hurt others feelings
  • fake images are intended to needle our emotions. that's why we believe them and share
  • when there is lack of information, awareness and knowledge then some people take benefit from the situation to misguide and mislead them form true picture
  • to change thinking of people toward a particular thing
  • many youngsters get involved in this for excitement and fun because rumours are one of the best forms of entertainment for many people
  • media plays an important role by displaying news in a crunchy manner to attract more audience
  • misunderstanding a situation
  • our biased approach takes this falsehood to the next level
  • to distract people's attention form important news and activities
  • to kill time
  • to get likes and more people following as rumours spread like fire
  • to get clicks on ads and generate revenue
  • to get attention of people
  • we love to follow the crowd and try to share what's hot without authenticity.

Here is a VIDEO SHOW about issue on fake images by ZARRAR KHUHRO in URDU language

How to Avoid Online Propaganda, Zarrar khuhro... by waqas464

Pakistan Army fake photos

This image is mostly shared on social networks with heading real or fake?
This is fake.
The original image was taken at Pakistan India Wagah Border Checkpost on Thursday during the 'beating the retreat' ceremony. This image is a copyright of the AP photos.

The image can be seen on the authentic website of dailytimes.

Salman Khan fake photos

Does Salman Khan have fake abs? 

His abs are composed in some software?
Watch video below:

Salman Khan's FAKE ABS in Jai Ho EXPOSED by bollywoodbackstage

Who is with PTI?
Salman Khan in full support

These are fake photos edited in photoshop or some software.
This Picture Is Taken During The Press Meet For The Announcement Of “Salman Khan As HISTORY TV18 Channel Brand Ambassador."

Now see!
There are the links leading to original occasion:

1. http://www.whosdatedwho.com/tpx_2113/

2. http://reviews.in.88db.com/index.php/ photogallery/

Once again image edited taken at HISTORY TV18 Channel Brand occasion.

Again and again:


Imran Khan Fake photos

I think some PTI fans started it foolishly. Now PTI opposition is using it against them saying:
"PTI fans use fake images for campaings" 
Here are some of them.

Salman Khan support PTI FAKE (click here):

Photo of an Iranian supporter 2014 FIFA World CUP:
This image is not from Imran Khan Naya Pakistan jalsa. This image is from Iran World Cup 2014.

Another fake image of girls that want new Pakistan. These all are edited in photoshop. Here is the image:

Below are images of 23 December jalsa not 23rd march.


2 number Imran Khan

Some fake photos of IMRAN KHAN video:

This picture is fake.

This picture is fake, No propaganda dear!

Below is the image shared at facebook and other media.

Messi fake photos

1. The bottom left image of famous footballer and sports person Messi is fake. The real image can be seen below.

Here are the real image and other fake image variations.

2. Other images are from 'peace tour to strengthen ties between Israel and Palestine. Watch video and read story below.


Mermaid: Human female with fish body

Mermaids are creatures with upper body of female human and tail of a fish
These are hoaxes and fake. There are no references or solid proof.
Download books from Amazon: *Archaeological Oceanography
*Beneath the Seven Seas
*The Eternal Darkness: A Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration
*Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology

Image 1: 
The image was shared with the tagline; 'Ancient skeleton of a mermaid before the Flood 8 millenniums ago was found near Sozopol Beach by Professor Dimitrov. This image was a graphic design contest entry at worth1000.com. photoshop competition. Below are the sequence of images used to make this image. Here is the link to the contest entries. http://www.worth1000.com/contests/28748/archaeological-anomalies-13


You can also study some about mermaids at wikipeida here.

The Feejee Mermaid/Banff Merman:

These images are also fake as this links to wikipedia.